Monday, January 2, 2006

Happy 2006!

Well, another crazy year is behind us, and another crazy year is before us. What does 2006 hold in store for each of us? Will I finally get around to starting a photography business? Will BratDad find the career of his dreams? Will the BratGirls stop fighting? Will BabyBrat ever eat? What resolutions can I make, that I won't break next week? So many unknowns.... Yet, I find myself hopeful. Excited. Full of anticipation. I feel like it's Christmas eve, I'm 6, and I can't wait to open my gifts in the morning. Will I get that new Breyer Horse I wanted? Or a new bike? Remember that feeling? It's a love-hate thing: you love the excitement, but hate the waiting. You love the unwrapping, the revealing, but hate cleaning up afterward. Life is kind of like that, don't you think?

At any rate, enjoy these next 52 weeks. Enjoy them, day-by-glorious-day. All 363 of them (it IS January 2nd, you know!) Learn from the bad days; bask in the beauty of the good ones. Be better. Be kinder. Be more expressive. Be more loving. These are MY resolutions. Will I mess up occassionally? Yes. But I'll pick myself up off the floor, dust the cat hair off my pants, and move on.

Until next time...