Friday, March 23, 2012



That's all I've got today.  Really.  Unless you want me to complain.... Seriously -- I could go on for a few hours about all the things I'm frustrated with, angry about, and annoyed with.

But I won't.  I'll spare you.


Well, what good would it do?  Sure, it feels great to vent... sometimes.... Other times, it leaves me feeling just as upset as I was before I vented.  Hmmmmm.... I guess it wouldn't solve my problems, now, would it?

The alternative?

Think about the things I'm grateful for.  Like, what?

     Like, I'm grateful to have a job.  Many people don't -- I'm grateful that I do.
     I'm grateful for my family.  I have a husband who is my best friend, and three fantastic children.
     I'm grateful for my home.  I have a bed to lie down on, a pillow for my head, clothes on my back, food in my pantry, a stove to cook it on, a fridge to keep leftovers in, a car to drive to run my errands and go to/from work, and pets who enjoy my company.
     I'm grateful for the beauty around me, and the eyes & heart that God gave me to appreciate it all.  I can gaze on Colorado National Monument, the Bookcliffs, and the Grand Mesa, wherever I drive in this valley!
     I'm grateful for the heron that frequents the drainage ditch behind my house.
     I'm grateful that there are four beautiful horses living behind me.
     I'm grateful for the bald eagles that sometimes fly overhead when I'm driving to work.
     I'm grateful for the opportunity to raise a few chicks (of the poultry persuasion!), and look forward to the fresh eggs we hope to have.
     I'm grateful for my glasses, that help me see a bit better.  I'm grateful that I have my sight at all -- some people are blind.  I won't take my sight for granted.
     I'm grateful that I have arms and legs and hands and feet and elbows and shoulders and a neck that work.
     I'm grateful that I have the ability to type this -- to think, to see, to will my fingers to move, and to put my thoughts into readable sentences.
     I'm grateful for the beautiful, sunny, mild weather we're having.
     I'm grateful for the ticking of the clock in my office -- that I can hear it at all, and that I'm alive to watch time tick by.
     I'm grateful for the memories I carry with me every day -- some good, some bad, but it means that I have truly lived.

Most of all, I am thankful for a merciful God, a loving Savior and a faithful Spirit.

Life is good....