Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Picture Day and Murphy's Law

Why is it that, if it can go wrong, it will? I should have known. After all, it's picture day today!

We tried really hard to eliminate any chance of having a problem. BratGirl1 had her fit last night, trying to pick out an outfit. She chose a grubby pink camoflage t-shirt and a black ruffly skort. I nixed the shirt, and she cried and complained, before settling on a brown & pink skort/shirt outfit. (Why was I not surprised when she chose her pink cowboy boots to wear with it?!) At any rate, BratGirl2 chose an outfit, too, and even a back-up outfit that she has worn before, just in case. (We all know how she can be a little psycho in the morning, but, then again, can't we all?!)

Fast forward to this morning. BratGirl2 gets up, a little grumpy, and proceeds to have a melt-down because her top is uncomfortable. So, she changes. Once again, the outfit is uncomfortable. Another melt-down. She finally picks out a different outfit, and has to wear a t-shirt underneath (her "underneath shirt," as she calls it.) Of course, the blouse is a deep red and has a wide neck with a draw-string, and her t-shirt has a hot-pink crew neck, but she presses on. By the time she's finally dressed, we have 10 minutes to get out the door, and she still doesn't have her hair done.

The hair.... Oh, why did she want bangs cut? And why did I cut them? She did love them at first, and looked so cute with them in the beginning, but now she refuses to let me fix them; they're always frizzy because she doesn't want me to straigten them, and she pins them back or wears a headband, because "they poke my eyes!" Half of the time, they're sticking straight up! (Note to self: don't cut her hair off when she decides she wants it short; she'll hate it in two days, and you won't be able to fix it!) Anyway, we talked about her hair last night, and she agreed that I could fix her bangs so they look nice for photos. Of course, when I did fix them (and they were well above her eyes!) she threw another hissy fit, and cried for 10 minutes about not feeling well, not wanting to go to school, not wanting her picture taken, etc.

(In the mean time, I was making their lunches and needed the granola bars that I bought yesterday. They were in my trunk, and I discovered that I had left 2 dozen eggs in my trunk all day yesterday! If it were still cold out, that wouldn't be a big deal, but it was 70+ degrees yesterday, and my car sat out all day in the sun! Hmmmmmmm..... I guess I should throw them in the trash-- and not at something!)

Well, to make my very long story a tad bit shorter, I finally got them out the door and to the school parking lot at 8:21. (School starts at 8:15.) I get out of the car to give them their daily hug and kiss, and BratGirl2 wraps her sweet arms around my neck, kisses me 4,000 times, squeezes me tight, says "I love you, Mommy!" and walks, smiling, to class.

How's that for "repentence"?!! (Nope, I wouldn't change her for anything!)