Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Once again, I find myself only posting things I've written on Facebook.  Perhaps I would be better off posting here, first, then linking to it on my FB page?  Is that too much pride and/or self-promotion? Whatever it is, this is my not-all-that-humble opinion.  On that note...

Back on the ol' soapbox...

Originally posted October 18, 2013

Hmmmm....  Just mulling over my soapbox speeches of the past.... I'm naively disappointed that some of my more liberal friends have not understood my point, that the hatred they display towards the right is highly offensive to me. 

Why are those on the right objectified as "white" and "christian," as though being either of those two things are bad? Especially when the majority of said liberal friends are one of those two things themselves? Yep -- I'm saying it here -- I am disgusted at how many of my WHITE liberal friends rip on white conservatives. WHAT is WRONG with you people?! I didn't choose my skin color, but I DID choose my religion -- as an educated adult, mind you! -- AND my politics. I don't like Obama's policies or politics, and his skin color has NEVER been an issue for me -- this is the first time I've ever even addressed it! So stop putting words into the mouths of conservatives, and SHUT UP. You think I'm being naive about race? Actually, it's quite the opposite. I've been the "victim" of prejudice, and I worked VERY hard to earn the respect of those who didn't trust me because of my skin color. I get it. I don't like it.  But YOU need to leave race out of your comments, because the only racist here is YOU.

When you post inflammatory comments, like "If you vote republican you're voting against women, clean air, babies and starving pandas," you're telling me that I'm against those things. How would you even KNOW what I'm for or against? Have you ASKED a conservative what they are for/against? Or are you just repeating the slander the media spins? Frankly, I'm sick of it. 

We all need to take a good, hard look in the mirror, and determine what it is we stand for; then, take a step back and think about how you come off to your "friends." Are you showing no respect for others by basically posting that they are idiots because they don't share your opinion? If so, you sound like a pompous windbag, and really need to put a sock in it. It would be one thing if you were posting opinions about issues facing our nation, but just spouting off about how awful an entire group of people are, and how it's so "funny that they are imploding! hahahaha!" is about as mature as a baby on a dating site. C'mon -- stop generalizing, and start showing the intelligence that I know you have. I work hard to try to understand where the "other side" is coming from, and it's time that you get down off your high horse and try to do the same. You show absolutely NO compassion or generosity or love by being flat-out MEAN. I don't have to agree with you to show you that I respect you; there are ways to disagree yet show love. 

So, yea, I will keep posting that I think that Obamacare is a colossal failure, and that the debt ceiling should NOT be raised -- we need to live within our means as a nation, just like many of us try to do at home. I will continue to post my opinion that our POTUS is the most divisive President our nation has ever seen, and that I think our media needs to get out of the opinion business and back in to the FACT-reporting business. I also will tell you that I am tired of being told that I'm "against the poor" because I am against a thinly veiled socialist agenda -- NO, I AM NOT; I just have a different idea of how the problem could be solved without breaking the bank. I'm not against immigration -- but I am against breaking the law to get here, and against a blanket-amnesty for all. I am not ashamed of our nation's EXCEPTIONAL past -- but I am sick of hearing from our media and many liberal "leaders" how it's wrong for us to be exceptional. How ridiculous is that? Isn't it what we supposedly are pushing for in schools? An exceptional education? How about on the job -- don't you want to shine? 

There was a reason, for hundreds of years, that people have risked life and limb to immigrate to our EXCEPTIONAL country -- their desire for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our free market society -- yes, friends, much to your chagrin our country became great largely because of capitalism! -- our rights to keep and bear arms, to pursue education, to vote, to choose whether or not we have health insurance, and the freedom to practice religion without interference from the government -- these are all things that have made our country one of the most exceptional places in the world to live.

I think it's time we all do a little research into where our country came from, what our forefathers INTENDED, and learn from the mistakes of other countries and societies who once excelled, but now suck. Take time to educate yourself about what the "other" side REALLY believes and desires, and stop spreading the hate-filled lies your friends and the media are spinning. And if, after reading this little rant of mine, you no longer want to be friends, that's OK, too; I'm still good enough, smart enough, and, doggone it, at least SOME people still like me! 

I've cleared my conscience; it's time for a good-night's sleep. Pleasant dreams of world peace, my friends....

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